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Are “Red Flag” Laws the Answer to Reducing the Number of Mass Shootings?

By Eric Beck / January 9, 2020 /

Monday night’s GOP debate in Greenville, South Carolina highlighted an important policy issue that continues to be pushed to the forefront of the public’s attention. The debate featured five highly qualified candidates for County Sheriff who discussed topics as diverse as recruitment, reducing emergency response times, and how the county should coordinate its activities with…

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Three Rules for Religious Leaders to Avoid Another “Christianity Today” Controversy.

By Eric Beck / December 26, 2019 /

Christianity Today Has Generated Unnecessary Controversy. Just in time for the Christmas holiday we have a brewing controversy in the Christian evangelical community, one that never should have occurred. This controversy was launched by Editor-In-Chief Mark Galli’s December 19th editorial in Christianity Today entitled Trump Should Be Removed from Office. His editorial explicitly called for…

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What Ever Happened to America’s Limited Government Under Federalism?

By Eric Beck / December 11, 2019 /

The Federal Government’s Legitimate Role Went Off the Rails in 1936. America is an exceptional nation for many reasons. However, the ability of the federal government to live within its means is not one of them. This has not always been the case. Prior to 1936, the federal government employed a conservative interpretation of the…

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A Proclamation For Our Time… Once Again.

By Eric Beck / November 27, 2019 /

On this Thanksgiving Day, I would like to share with you the words of President Abraham Lincoln that most earnestly and reverently called upon a divided union of the states to be healed. This call came while proclaiming the last Thursday of each November as our national day for giving thanks to God for all…

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Four Questions the Media Needs to Ask Our Democratic Presidential Candidates… But Hasn’t.

By Eric Beck / November 13, 2019 /

The Media Needs to Do a Better Job of Challenging the Democratic Presidential Field. The primary mission of a free press is to provide credible information to the American people concerning public affairs, information that will ultimately assist the public in determining who they will vote for. But with its recent focus on Russian collusion…

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America’s Political Divide is Growing – Here Is the Key Reason Why.

By Eric Beck / October 30, 2019 /

America’s Political Divide Is Not an Accident. As Washington does battle over impeachment and our nation becomes more politically divided, one would rightly conclude that our nation is facing a political crisis. America has faced such crises before. However, the root cause of today’s partisan divide is different from what we have experienced in the…

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The Democratic Party is Broken… And Impeachment is Their Hail Mary Pass.

By Eric Beck / October 16, 2019 /

House Democrats Have Decided to Run a Partisan Impeachment Inquiry. The political talking heads are telling us that, according to the Constitution, the Democratic majority in the House is not required to hold a vote approving an impeachment inquiry, nor are they required to provide President Trump with due process rights. According to an originalist…

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The Politics of Distraction – Now It’s About Ukraine

By Eric Beck / October 2, 2019 /

Recent Events Involving Ukraine Have Created an Interesting Political Rorschach Test. For those who have not read the transcript of President Trump’s July 25th phone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, or the highly publicized “whistleblower” complaint about this conversation, I would encourage you to read both. These public documents, taken together, make for an interesting…

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Some Practical Examples for How to Reshape a Presidential Legacy

By Eric Beck / September 18, 2019 /

Barack Obama is Working to Reshape His Political Legacy in Some Unique Ways. We can expect the Left and the Right to argue over the political legacy of former President Barack Obama for years to come. While this argument continues, one would also expect President Obama not to sit quietly by without defending his legacy.…

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Does Elizabeth Warren Believe in Capitalism?

By Eric Beck / September 4, 2019 /

Warren Has Repeatedly Said She Believes in Capitalism, But Don’t Believe Her. Senator Elizabeth Warren has built her political career by proclaiming that government has been working well for the benefit of the rich and powerful, but not for the rest of us. That’s a pretty bold claim coming from someone worth $8 million, and…

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