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The Case for Why Kamala Harris Should Never Become President

By Eric Beck / August 21, 2019 /

Modern Day Democrats Are Not Liberals, At Least By Historical Standards. In modern day vernacular, the word “liberal” is a term used by conservatives to label their Democratic counterparts, especially those who advocate progressive theories of social and economic justice. But this interpretation of “liberalism” is an evolutionary one created by conservatives in response to…

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While Democrats Debate, the States Should Get Busy on Health-Care Reform

By Eric Beck / August 7, 2019 /

The Democratic Presidential Race Has Become a Bidding War Concerning Health Care. Today’s Democratic Presidential candidates are engaged in a bidding war to expand federal control over America’s health-care system. Of course, their bidding has ignored the history of previous Democratic reforms that have done great damage to our health-care system and the economics surrounding…

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The Most Important Civics Lesson the “Squad” Members Never Learned.

By Eric Beck / July 24, 2019 /

President Trump Missed an Opportunity Last Week When Tweeting with the Squad. Groupthink appeared to be alive and well within the mainstream media last week over President Trump’s Twitter war with the so-called “Squad.” Almost every mainstream media outlet described Trump’s comments as “racist tweets” because he suggested the Squad should “go back and help…

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Is Greed Good?

By Eric Beck / July 10, 2019 /

Is Capitalism Founded on Greed, or Is That Just Leftist Blather? Amazon’s decision last February to abandon plans for a second corporate headquarters in New York City was met with mixed reaction from both sides of the political aisle. Many backers of the proposed project pointed the finger of blame for Amazon’s change of heart…

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Progressive Leftism Is Un-American – Here’s Three Reasons Why

By Eric Beck / June 26, 2019 /

Progressivism and the American Constitution Are Incompatible. Progressives who now dominate the modern-day Democratic Party like to think their political ideology is patriotic, realistic and morally grounded. Unfortunately, progressivism is none of these. When American progressivism started as a social movement in the 1890’s, its goal was simple: improve the human condition. No one can…

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How the Democratic Party is Defining Deviancy Down

By Eric Beck / June 12, 2019 /

A Statesman’s Concern About Deviancy Has Become Reality In 1993, the late sociologist, statesman and U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) published an article called Defining Deviancy Down expressing his concern about the growing tolerance for certain deviant behavior in American society. Moynihan cited examples of behavior such as the misguided way American’s chose to…

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Forget About Income Inequality… Its Income Mobility Stupid!!

By Eric Beck / May 29, 2019 /

Progressives Want to Make Us Feel Better About Income Inequality, Not Necessarily Solve a Problem. Ask any progressive social justice warrior in America these days and they will rail against the growing gap between the wealthy and the poor. Their solution to this so-called problem is to adopt “middle-out” economic policy; in other words, tax…

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The Bi-Partisan Gamble on $2 Trillion in Infrastructure Spending

By Eric Beck / May 15, 2019 /

Politicians Are Again Promising Infrastructure Spending as Economic Stimulus. As if $22 trillion in federal debt is not enough, President Trump and Congressional Democrats now want an additional $2 trillion for “infrastructure” spending.  We are told by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the President that such spending will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Given…

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Mueller’s Report is Done – Now the Real Investigation Begins

By Eric Beck / May 1, 2019 /

Reactions to the Mueller Report Did Not Surprise Anyone Political reaction to Robert Mueller’s report concerning Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election is about what one would expect. Republicans have rightly declared that the report vindicates President Trump of treason because he did not collude with Russia to win the election. Leftist Democrats and…

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Chick-fil-A and the Culture Wars

By Eric Beck / April 17, 2019 /

By Eric Beck, CommentaryPublished 8:00 am EST, April 17, 2019 Why is Chick-fil-A Under Attack Again? Some might say it’s a sure sign of the apocalypse when a chicken sandwich becomes America’s next symbol of bigotry and discrimination. Or, maybe it’s just the latest example of backward thinking from the progressive Left engaged in America’s…

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