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Progressive Leftism Is Un-American – Here’s Three Reasons Why

Progressivism and the American Constitution Are Incompatible. Progressives who now dominate the modern-day Democratic Party like to think their political ...
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How the Democratic Party is Defining Deviancy Down

A Statesman's Concern About Deviancy Has Become Reality In 1993, the late sociologist, statesman and U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan ...
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Forget About Income Inequality… Its Income Mobility Stupid!!

Progressives Want to Make Us Feel Better About Income Inequality, Not Necessarily Solve a Problem. Ask any progressive social justice ...
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The Bi-Partisan Gamble on $2 Trillion in Infrastructure Spending

Politicians Are Again Promising Infrastructure Spending as Economic Stimulus. As if $22 trillion in federal debt is not enough, President ...
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Mueller’s Report is Done – Now the Real Investigation Begins

Reactions to the Mueller Report Did Not Surprise Anyone Political reaction to Robert Mueller’s report concerning Russian interference in the ...
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Chick-fil-A and the Culture Wars

By Eric Beck, CommentaryPublished 8:00 am EST, April 17, 2019 Why is Chick-fil-A Under Attack Again? Some might say it’s ...
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Democrats Reject the American Dream in Favor of Socialism

By Eric Beck, CommentaryPublished 8:00 am EST, April 3, 2019 For the first time in its history, a 2018 Gallup ...
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